We understand that price is a concern when looking at the mud flap marketplace. As John Ruskin famously said:

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten."

There are many things that go into our RokBlokz products that we feel set us apart from others. We are a premium brand that is aiming to take care of people who love their vehicles and want to put some personality into them. We work hard to provide custom direct mount solutions for car, truck and UTV owners.

The material that we use is not a simple plastic that will break over time. Our proprietary blend of polymers gives us a semi rigid flap that will hold its shape at speed, but will also allow it to bend and flex when needed. It also does not get brittle and crack like so many plastics do. We have sent hundreds of flaps to Canada and Russia and are constantly hearing about how amazing they hold up in the sub zero temps. (Keep in mind that this is a wear and tear item and will eventually wear out, but not as fast as cheaper brands).


Many of the other options out there sell mud flaps in pairs rather than in complete sets of 4 and they are typically more of a universal fit, meaning you will more than likely need to find your own mounting hardware.


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