We have some of the best people assembling our hardware kits, however we understand that from time to time a piece goes missing from a kit. Many times it occurs in transit or one the hardware bags are opened up before install begins and pieces slip away. We want to help get you back on track. If you find that you are missing a part from your hardware kit we can get you the parts that you need, quickly.

As you open a ticket with our customer service department, be sure to include the year, make and model of the kit that you purchased and some photos of the entire hardware kit that you received. Those photos help us see if anything else might be missing, so that we can send everything to you at once. If you have time, please include the initials that are on the hardware bag so that we can fire the person that assembled your kit...just kidding. We want to use these very rare instances to double down on our quality control so that future RokBlokz customers have a smooth experience.